Six Things You Never Expected To Grill

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Six (and more) of the best additions to your grill menu are often the least expected. Did you know that when you use the right kind and right cut, you can put cheese directly on the grill? Or that you can wow your guests with a grilled salad? When you get creative, the sky really is the limit when it comes to new combinations and unique flavors to add to your grill master cookbook.

Did You Know You Can Grill These?

1. Watermelon

Heat, smoke, and a hint of salt make this sweet fruit unexpectedly savory, even meaty. Grilling “sobers it up and makes it lose its sloppy sweetness,” writes Mark Bittman in the New York Times; he brushes 1-inch-thick slices with olive oil, minced onion, salt, and pepper, then grills them for about 5 minutes per side until caramelized and beginning to dry out.

2. Romaine lettuce

The greens take the heat surprisingly well—and grilling them creates a smoky flavor that’s perfect for salad.

3. Cheese

No bread required! Placing cheese directly on the grill boosts richness and creates chewy texture. For perfect char marks, without melting and creating a mess, use thick slices like halloumi or aged provolone, says Drizzle the cheese with olive oil, then grill over medium-high heat, turning once, until grill marks form (4 minutes per side for halloumi, 1 minute per side for provolone).

– via Reader’s Digest

Don’t think that watermelon is the only fruit that you can grill – just about any fruit will be made better with time over the flames to create a smokey, unique flavor. You never know what single addition will take your meal to the next level, and it could very well be one of the fruits from the list below.

Don’t Forget The Fruit!


Peaches, plums, and even apricots make perfect grill companions, as do all other stone fruits. They’re more delicate, Schlimm says, so leave the skins on and then peel them afterwards (or just leave the peels on). There are few summer desserts tastier than grilled peaches with ice cream, but they also pair well with grilled pork tenderloin, chicken, or steak. Schlimm adds them to a salsa that includes red onion and jalapeños.


When it comes to grilling fruit, peaches and exotic tropical fruits, such as pineapple, get most of the love. But if pie-eating has taught us anything, it’s that apples become exponentially more delicious when cooked. And they’re even better on the grill, where the heat softens and sweetens the fruit from the outside.


Think you can’t grill berries? Stick ’em on a skewer and watch them melt into grilled perfection. “With strawberries, that grilled smoky flavor plays so well with the sweet strawberry taste,” he says. His favorite party trick: At your next barbecue, set out bowls of strawberries and other fruits you like and let your guests make their own fruit kabobs that they grill themselves. Each kabob takes about 7 minutes to grill completely.

– via Rodale’s Organic Life

Do you have any unexpected grilling recipes that you swear by? What’s your favorite surprise ingredient to throw on the grill?

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